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Default For Ian Fox: Sonic100 vs iSonic101/94

Hi Ian,

I have my Sonic 100 for the third season now, and the board is just fantastic.
However, I am thinking about making a one step forward. As I race quite often (national level), I am thinking about getting a decent fin (deboichet sl2) and a new board.

I find my Sonic100 just perfect for our racing conditions. We race in variety of conditions, from flatwater to chop to bigger waves. Figure of 8 most of time, but sometimes also downwind slalom. Also, we have a windlimit of 15 knots, so I find my Neutron 7.0 (for my weight - 80kg) the perfect choice for 90% of the races. It would be nice to have 7.6 and 6.3 sometimes, but not really often. If it is really nuking, I can go out with my Poison 5.4 which I find pretty fast and controllable for a wave sail.

The question is, which 2007 iSonic would be the perfect replacement for Sonic100 (7.0 conditions)?

I am afraid that iSonic94 would be to small in volume. I have been racing with small volume boards before (AHD d58, cca.90liters) and while it planned very soon, I had big troubles after a bad gybe in crowded space. I really really like having those extra 10 liters in my sonic 100. Also, this will be my biggest board so I would like to be able to float in light winds. Sometimes I have to float a little bit to reach the good wind. Im afraid that 93 liter iSonic is just to small for that.

On the other side, iSonic101 is completely different board, and I am afraid that it will not be as good as Sonic100 in decent wind and chop/waves. I am not afraid of iS101 beeing hard to control. I am used to formula boards also, so I know these wide boards are not hard to control at all, but I am afraid that it will be slower than Sonic100 in steep chop and similar conditions. I remember formula boards beeing really really fast in flat water but in choppy conditions, it was another story. Also, there are a lot of racers (my friends) who changed their old narrow boards for new widestyle boards (tabou, F2, fanatic...) and I think they are not as fast as they used to be. In fact, the fastest guy in our fleet is still using old Mistral RTX from 2000 or something.

So the question is, how fast is iSonic101 in comparison with Sonic100? 7.0 powered to overpowered conditions, 80kg weight?

Best regards,
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