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Default Wich board?


My weight is 75 kg. I have a mistral syncro 90L 2004 i use with 4.0 naish , 4.5, 5.0 and 5.7 Dr X. Above i have a mistral radar 125L (267x67 cm) 2003. This board i want to replace. I use this board with 5.7 DR X and 7.0 gaastra matrix.

I like speed, but i also like to turn and jump a lot. Should i look at the stype, the carve or the kombat aero?
It will be my light wind board, so it has to plane pretty early, but still it has to be able to handle medium wind too.

1/Is there going to be an advantage between, for example, a carve off 131L (72 cm width), 145L (78 cm width) and 161L (82 cm width)? Is the 161L still fun sailing in 20 knots? Wich board is good for 75kg sailor? I was told to look at the width instead of the volume.

2/ I want to replace my 7.0, would a 6.5 and a 7.7 or 8.1 be good? Will a bigger sail give me more advantage (for example 8.7)?

Thanks very much , regards, Koen
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Ian Fox
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Default RE: Wich board?

Hi Koen,

The new board, do you want it to have more light wind range than the current Radar (125Lt)?? (it seems you're looking at boards C133/145 and even 161, but these are mostly bigger than typical for a 75kg rider would use for 5.7m - 8m range) ??

A bigger sail (in general) will give you some more bottom end/early planing. If you're often sailing in that 8+m range, then 8.7 etc could be a good advantage, but on the other hand if you are more often in (say) 7.0-7.5 conditions and only occassionally at 8.7m, the performance of the 8.7 (and board/fin etc to go with the 8.7) when used in "7m" condition wont be a big advantage !

Also worth considering how your typicalor avaerage conditions/usage will relate to the other board and sails in your quiver; by going significantly bigger in the light wind board and sail, you effectively open the gap (or reduce the practical overlap) between the big and small equipment in your quiver; if it happens that you're often spending sailing time in that "overlap" range, then from a practical perspective, it is important to NOT go too thin on coverage of that range. (rather, having sufficent - or even slightly excessive- "overlap" from - both hi and light wind equipment - minimises the criticalness and maximises the flexibilty of equipment choice around your most likely sailing conditions).. at the beach on any given day, that can be very useful..

Cheers ~ Ian
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Default RE: Wich board?

Thanks Ian.

To be more specific :
I have 4.0 naish (hokua), north 4.5 voodoo, 5.0 drX and 5.7 drX i use on mistral syncro 90L 2004.

I use a lot 5.7 drX on syncro and radar and also 7.0 gaastra matrix on radar. So a am looking for a board that follows my mistral syncro. I want to use it with 5.7 up to ...

I had a 8.5 arrows dragster, but i sold it, because i didn't like a sail this big. I thinks i am going to replace my 7.0 with a 6.5 and 7.7. Do you think this would be a better quiver?

So my new board, i would be using with 5.7, 6.5 and 7.7 to 8.0 (depends on whats available). I have seen starboard and i like to have one, but i don't know about the volume and type of board.
This is my first question.

Second was : is a bigger board going to give me more advantage for earlier planing? For example (2004), i give specifications of carve, but i am thinking now more for buying s-type:

Carve 131 : 5.5-8.5 (sailrange) : this would suit my sailquiver the best
Carve 145 : 6.0-9.0 : would this give me more planing ability with 7.7 ro 8.0 then the carve 131l? How about control, reactiveness down in 5.7 weather?
Carve 161 : 6.3-10.0

I would appreciate your advice

Thanks very much, Koen
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