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Default RE: Heavyweights Waveboard

Getting a higher volume board from a board we know works well is one of the few places where the maths works for us.For example if you took an EVO 90 and made every dimension (width; depth and length) just 2% larger. (ie increase sizes by a factor of 1.02) then the volume would be increaded by just over 6%. (Volume ratio increase would be 1.02 cubed or 1.061) (Explanation ;not a maths lesson; sorry)
As increases are bigger so the volume increase is proportionally bigger.
So to get a 105 litre EVO we would only have to enlarge a 90`s dimensions by 5% (Approx, it would come out at 104 litres)
Now I`m not saying that board would work; probably in the mix of things it wouldn`t; but my point is the volume increase is the easiest to achieve)
IMO its just that the market doesn`t want enough EVO 105`s (At the moment; but the sailing population as a whole is getting older and fatter so you never know ???:@ It might happen ? Is the average wave sailor getting heavier ??? (They reckon 4 kilo`s per decade is the norm???)B) Look over last decade; wave board max size(litres) has gone up by about same ???Coincidence or marketing ???
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