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Default raking it back


in another thread you recomend:
get the rig fully sheeted in and the foot of the sail down on the deck
this seems like good advide and sailing like this is comfortable...

however i have been reading an article by Guy Cribb. he said:
Whatever conditions we're sailing in though, firstly I need to
dispel a dreadful myth that haunts windsurfing technique
(one of many) - closing the slot, or raking the rig back.
Closing the slot/raking the sail back literally went out of
fashion with flares! In the very earliest days of windsurfing
when we just cruised along slower than the wind, it was
important to stop some of the precious air from escaping
underneath the sail by raking it right back. In those days
boards were so long, narrow and heavy that raking the sail
back didn't have much effect on them. However for the
passed fifteen years, despite what you may see, read or
hear elsewhere, 'closing the slot' is like pulling a handbrake
on, and completely detrimental to your early planing and
general stance, as it kills the power of your sail and can
sink the tail of your board..
so which is it?

(please tell me if im in the wrong forum and redirect me if this question has already been asked)

hope you can help
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