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Default Yet another question about a board

Hi Roger and others.

I've had the misfortune of purchasing a new 2007 Go board (139 liters) with leaking sidefin inserts. Later on the board was given a sauna treatment to get rid of the water inside the construction. Also, the inserts have been glued so that it is possible for me to ride normally until a new batch of boards is released. Needless to say, the warranty guarantees me a new board.

So I have now settled for exchanging the Go to a new freeride model, possibly the Futura (I hope you do not consider me jumping the gun too much). As almost always, I cannot decide which size to opt for. I am 66 kg and 175 cm and have just started to plane with the Go 139. I am also learning to get comfortable with harness and foot straps at the moment. Overall, I consider myself very fit and eager to learn, hence the preferred transition to a more high end model as it is possible at this point. Currently I am looking at the sizes 120-130 liters. I know there will be two models in this volume range, but which one should I select? I mean, would the 120+ model be too challenging at this stage (with the reduction in width), or should I solely think about the sails the board can carry (there is probably a 0,5 m2 difference between the models), or would the 120+ liter version be a viable option and provide me a livelier experience with more enjoyment in longer term compared to the 130+ liter model? I sail in the sea, and the wind range is usually 8-20 knots. I also noticed that I find the waves quite interesting (no kidding), as I've already experienced some quite strong winds during my summer holiday. However, what I am looking for is a board that I could use now as a learning tool and in the future in milder conditions.

I would appreciate to get some insight from the riders of my size or from anyone experienced (Roger, I am looking at you ). I know this is a noobish dilemma so sorry about that. I just want to make the most out of my decision.

Cheers all.
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