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Default iSonic 133w80/133w85/144/150

Hello Starboard team,

Congratulations and good luck with you're new 2008 board line-up. The boards look beautiful as always! You've also managed to produce a very nice new website!
I have one question: My weight is 90 kg and I'm looking for a new light wind slalom board to use with 9.0 and 10.0 race sails. Which board would you recommend for me for next season, the iSonic 133w80/133w85/144 or the iSonic 150 which is still in it's developmental phase?

Have fun,

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Ian Fox
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Hi DW,

For slalom racing use the choice will be between iS133w85 and iS144.

Preference to the iS144 unless you're sailing mostly in powered up end of that sail irange and/or generally prefer a "smaller" board for a given set of conditions.

Please note the iS133w80 is basically superceded by the more recent iS133w85.

Cheers ~ Ian
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Hi Ian,

Thank you for your quick reply. I will order the 144 as soon as possible!

Good sailing,

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