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Thanks Mr.Unregistered for inform me about the Html validation. I'll look into it together with our web designer and improve it as necessary.

Originally Posted by Phill104 View Post
... There are very few examples of webpages these days that pass those validation tests including some of the worlds biggests sites such as www.bbc.co.uk, youtube or wikipedia to name but a few.

... Compared to last years switchover it has gone very smoothly. ... I'm sure things such as the archive of previous sites will come with time.
Thanks Phil104. Actually I do mainly support and technical stuffs (server,programming,application, etc...) not the design. You may never think about me if everything is working too smooth ;-)

The 2007 arcive is on the way. Technically, it's so much different from 2006 so we need a bit more time to prepare it.
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Have to add my name to those who say Flash sucks. I never bother going to the F2 , Naish and other windsurfing sites that use this format. It's more trouble than it's worth and any attempt just reinforces how frustrating it is to navigate those sites.
My view is people visit your site for information not entertainment.
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im still a bit confused about all the different colours for the icons when you first open the forum... does it still sort the posts that are newest to oldest? Why are they different colours!!!!!!!!!!! and how do I change my profile? or can you... avatars were awsome before... is this stuff coming still?

I am not really that picky about websites for windsurfing products. You shouldn't buy something because its got a great website... I would rather see starboard put the extra effort into board production and design... websites just need basics and ahve to have the information... c'est tout

just my opinion, I like the site in most ways...
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