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Default Flare

I'm about to order a flare 88 to replace my 2002 freesex 86 and am wondering if anyone can give me a comparison of performance between the 07/08 flare and either the 02 or 05 freesex. I also think the new site is fantastic and love the videos. Can anyone help name the band/song on the flare video?
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As far as I know, the 88l flare 07 is the same as the 08 model, exept for the color. The 08's look really sick...
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I used to have the Freesex 86 2004 model as well as the 100 from 05. Those are a bit different from each other and even more differnt from the earlier versions which were kind of slow. However, all freesex models are slow when compared to the super fast Flares. The 07/08 Flare 88 is really a very fast boards with great acceleration and this is how it gets its "pop". You will be planing earlier with the Flare and don't need as much sailpower which will make handling easier. So, overall, I can't think of any downsides with the Flare compared to the freesex.
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Thankyou, Board will be ordered after pay day
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what are the differents between flare 99 and flare 111.... cause i thought that most important is width for a board , so, for me , my weight is 75 kg and want to learn freestyle,it is better to take 99? or 111? and why..

(im impressed how easy slides flare in video, compares with others boards ,jp, skate,you think that they stuck....you can see that at the video)

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Taty Frans
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Hi All,

The 2008 88 has remain the same as the 2007 88, Why becuase this board is still so good and we didn't found any problems for it to change.

As the 99 and 111 we make some change in length and width..

As now both board is shorter in length and wider in width also Tiesda and Frank Diaz have add more volume in the tail.. and reduce the volume in the nose this makes it a thinner nose, but as more volume from the mast track down to the Tail this give's you more Volume and balance when standing on the board and as for middle in the moves is really great..

I am 73kg I have still been using the 99 and I like it alot.. The 111 is much thicker then the 99, same shape but didn't tried the 111 yet..

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