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Default slow accelleration slow to plane 161

Hi Jean - Marc
I am a fast 161 100kg sailor. I usually blast past most people in the end, but my accelleration from the start is painfully slow. I sail on the sea, fairly rough 10 - 20 knots.
But I find when we all start I cant get the board up on the plane as quick as the others. I dont really want to pump my 10.5 race sail, but I have to pump really broad and unless the wind gets to 12knots I am stuck and the board wont lift.
I use a R19 +8 stiff which is great upwind but is seems very sticky and hard to get get planing.
If I use a R13 +6 soft then its easier to plane but I spin out easier and is not so good in light wind.


1. In 10knots what the best way to get the board to unstick and start planing?
2. When I am using the very stiff R19 in light wind I cant broad reach and stay in both front and back straps. why? I have to stand up and put the back foot in the middle of the board. If I use a soft R13 with +6 the I can broad reach in both straps easily. What should I do different on the R19.
3. When reaching very very broad (almost running) should I let the sail outline line all the way out?
4. At 100kg I never move the mast track back its always at the front. Is that right? (using 10.5 formula)
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