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Question Change for changes sake? - Ola H.?

"I seriously don't think they would make better high wind freeriders than the current PA's though" OLA H. in a recent thread.

Hi Ola,

I was just catching up on some old posts and was thinking that a couple of manufacturers [Fanatic & Starboard] have kept 08 shapes same as 07 - PA's etc. AHD used to do this frequently.

Do you at last think certain board design is reaching a point of perhaps not even having to have a yearly range change?

I mean how do you make a better board than 06 PA's for high wind bump n' jump and 07 PA's for DLT wave board / high wind freeride. Global press certinaly agree.

If RRD had NOT changed 06 FSW's which I think are now overdesigned. Graphics aside.

Windsurfing is such a mature sport now certain kit design should be at that stage. Bring out a new PA when they are indeed better than the current ones - if you ever reach that point?
Construction advances aside - although Starboard have that sorted at the moment with sensible compromise between board durability and weight - unlike JP Pro editions.

In the past Starboard has been accused of releasing boards slightly experimental / before their time and letting the customers to take a hit [early Hypersonics and evos] - perhaps now they could stablisize certain designs? Rather than making change for changes sake?

I suppose this thread is only related to wave boards.

Your thoughts please?

Any changes on the 2009 PA's to report?
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