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Default S Type 115 Replacement


My SType 115 was "borrowed" by an uninvited guest from my back-yard and needs replacement. I have a V8 7.5m, and two ezzy infinites 6.6m and 5.4m which I used with this board in anything from 10 - 30 knots. Compromise is the name of the game. I don't expect excellent perfomance at either end of this wind range, I don't want a fleet of sailboards.

The closest equivalent board by volume is the Futura 111L.
The closest equivalent board by size is the Futura 101L.
I am trying to decide between the two.

My current thinking is that the extra width of the 111 will aid in lower wind conditions, but I'm a bit concerned with the extra width (compared to the S-type) when in high wind chop (25knots+). I have noticed that I seem slower when riding wider boards in un-favorable conditions with the S-type than with older narrower style boards. (Of course I only had the S-type for about 18months and was only really getting used to it).

If the boards plane earlier perhaps I can get equivalent low end performance out of the 101 but given starboards history with a flexible interpretation of "volume" I might sink it (weight 80-85kg) and then in 10-15knots I won't have much fun, I draw the line at the waterline, no submarining for me.

A fair percentage of the time is spent with the 7.5m in fluky conditions so I am leaning to the 111, but I really love 20-25knots + so I am willing to give up a bit of performance at the low end for a more fun ride & jumping experience.

I would be interested in anyones thoughts. Particularly comparing S-type 115 with Future 111 or 101 in high wind riding, gybing & chop jumping.

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