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Default theoretic lessons on wave sailing

Hey Roger and all the others,

Now that i'm at uni i have the opportunity to go windsurfing a bit more then before buuuuuut the bloke i met that sails aswell does wavesailing and seeing as he's got a van i don't have a lot to say .... so i was wondering wether you can give me a few pointers on wavesailing vs slalom/freeride which i know is a world of difference. I know i have to watch the back of my board more to compensate for the waves and such but anything else i need to be cautious about. And what about waterstarting in waves (i'm talking realwave stuff, no Ho'okipa or North Shore stuff, but more like Northsea wavies of max 2 meters, which is pretty serious stuff seeing as i usually go out at sea with chop of like 70 cm high to go blasting); i was in Leucate two months ago with 8 bft so i know how small sails are to be handled (and i experienced the 'too big fin' problem .... riding a mistral flow 284 with a stock fin on a 4.0 was a really really bad idea, but they didn't have smaller fins so i had to) and i did waterstarts in waves of 1 meter or so but those were waves in the midle of the lake without any 'foam' on them so easy to handle if you just time them right.
Also how do i keep my first few rides safe .... would something like a camero impact vest or some sort of a crashvest help? I'll probalby be riding a 90 L board (i found a real nice F2 second hander which i might buy, and i think i can borrow my mates 90L for a while), or my own 113 L depending on the conditions (i'm a heavy sailor, 90 K +)

Any tips and pointers are welcome,

cheers all,
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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