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Not downhill just a different direction. Now we need two Isonics (which the general windsurfer now demands) where as with the Hyper only one. Everyone has a different program. For me the Hyper still works very well and I wont change because every one else is. Sure the Isonic as Ian pointed out are the top guns. I wonder if the average sailor is as good as Antoine or Kevin on them. I know I wouldn't be. With current, tides, chop etc the easier it is to ride, the longer and quicker I go.

The point was that now it is hard to choose which board because it is almost the one sail one board situation again. I think from the test rides I've had I couldn't handle a Isonic 122 with a 6.7 RSracing powered up. It is fine with a 8.4 RS powered. The hyper is great with both. There inlies the difference.

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I believe you don't have to be a pro (I'm far from it) to notice the difference, many average sailors confirmed it. Hyper goes at its own pace, it seems not to care about lulls (neither for gusts), while iS is more responsive, accelerating as you push it. Gybe is miles better on iS.
Hyper still has the edge with its massive range, but I wouldn't agree it's "1 hyper = 2 iS", the advantage is certainly less than that. In fact, a quiver of two iSonics (say, 3 sizes apart) will give you infinitely better comfort/control at both ends of the range. For your 8.4 + 6.7 example, it's an easy choice: iS111, not iS122.

Please note I'm not bashing hyper (I still have more mileage on it then any other board), and the sail range is one of my top priorities when choosing a board. But it had its shortcomings, things move on, and for me newer designs are just nicer to sail (imho).

Fair winds
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I think that Starboard has such a large offering that can generate unnecessary problems. 76 86 96 101 111 122 133 where Fanatic offers 79 89 104 124 145 and JP 69 89 109 119. I am not quite sure there is a problem with range (but of course the Hypersonic was/is unbeatable at that) but rather uncertainty in choosing. I had an Hyper 105 and an 111, and tested an iSonic 111; to me the 111 could be competitive from 7.0 to 8.5; the Hypers could go from 6.0 to 10.0, but that's different from being competitive. My idea is that "competitive" range of the Hypers was/is more or less similar to that of an iSonic 122, say 7.5 to 9.0, but still can be used (not as effectively) in an even wider range; but that's interesting for freesailing, not for slalom competitions or even buddy racing.
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