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Default Futura to match 06 K96?


Forgive me for seeking your advice, but I admire and respect your understanding of boards and sails, and have most often felt in very tight agreement with your well-articulated views.

I am ~72kg have a 2006 K96 (dram) which I primarily use as a large lake board (i.e., Great Lakes, Finger Lakes), with main sails of 6.3 and 5.5 SuperFreaks. Largely use this for B&J, or in the case of the bigger lakes, swell riding somewhat akin to the Gorge. The complementary light wind wave board is an original 117 Aero (wood), mated with an 8.0 SuperFreak - (that's a sweet combo!). I had a C131 that was my light wind flat water board, which I liked a great deal but, well, sold it. I never fell in love with it; very nice jibing, but just not exciting enough. The Futura seems like it might be what I was trying to get out of the C131, but I'm not sure what size.

In the go-fast mode, I would initially pair this Futura with 7.0 and 8.7 NP Z1 sails that are in good shape and my main intent would be to wear them out. But the 7.0 to 9.0-10.0 size range would be the intended use; on light wind days I probably would use this board for light wind freestyle tricks with the SF 6.3. I further would probably try the 6.3 on days for more old-school and some new-school planing freestyle tricks - with some mild arthritic problems from old injuries I am not highly inclined to do much aerial tricks, more the old-school planing jibing / tacking maneuvers. In brief, this is going to be a light to moderate wind all-purpose flat water board, and now-and-then I like to stand on the accelerator and see what she'll do.

It would seem that the F122 or F133 would be the best all-arounder sizes, based on wind ranges. The main advantage of the 122 would seem to be best turn of speed, more maneuverable, probably easier in fin-first mode and back-winded fin-first type of stuff; the main advantage of the 133 would seem to be light-air wind range. I should think that I ought to be able to plane with good pumping techniques in ~10-11 kts with a 9.0 on the 122, and 8-10 kts on the 133. IF (note caps) Jeff ever makes a 10.0 ultralight SuperFreak, I suspect the 122 would carry that quite comfortably and make 10 kts more achievable.

Given that the jump from the Futura is more likely to be to the K96, i.e., from flat water blasting to B&J, one question I'm wondering is if the F133 to K96 jump is pushing it? Seems like it would be at the limits of no overlap, and that the F122 to K96 would be more comfortable/versatile. Though I have ridden the A117 in freeride mode, I find it a little slowish that way and it is setup with straps forward, in, and single rear for swell riding; I would be inclined to setup the Futura of either size with straps fully back and out, leaving the A117 permanently in the wave mode and the Futura in the slalom mode. I know SB intends for Kombat users to change back and forth, but frankly I hate moving the straps...

Given all of that, which board would you recommend - the 122 or the 133?

Many thanks!

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