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Our sport is difficult.It can`t be learnt in a weekend.You have to put lots of effort in before you get real returns.On occasions its cold.Lots of the time there is NOT enough wind.You will have lots of wasted jouneys.You will on many occasions be on the wrong kit.You will probably never gybe as you want to.Sometimes it will be too rough and occasionally too windy.You will break kit and might need rescuing.You will miss family get togethers because its windy and wasn`t the previous the Sunday.
Not many Sports offer less early returns for the beginner.
It will be quite sometime before you can sail confidently in F4+ winds.
But if you persevere its the best cheapest safest way to be involved in an exciting , challenging and extremely rewarding sport.

I used to coach waterskiing.We could get anybody up and skiing on the first morning.
That is not the case with windsurfing.

If beginners come into the sport knowing all this they will make long term sailors.

Personally would rather sail with 15 sailors on beach than 150.

Let te sport be.It will take care of itself.
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