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Default Warning on claiming Neilpryde Mast warranties!!

Hi guys,

Just want to share my recent experience.. time to burn all my Neilpryde sails!

Many thanks for your e-mail explaining the dates in relation to claim ID # 5394. I have reviewed the case and regret that we have still declined this warranty. The reasons are as follows.

The warranty period is for six months on X9 masts and this covers faults in materials and workmanship in that time. Unfortunately it is widely believed that a 6 month warranty covers breakage in that period no matter what happens to the mast but in fact, this is not the case. As stated above, the mast needs to have a materials or workmanship fault in order to qualify as a warranty. The only sure way to judge this is to review the usage by qty of total hours of use on each mast. The following is a quote from our warranty policy of Dec 2006,

Our experience has shown that, given the intense loads placed on a mast by modern windsurfing sails, any material or manufacturing defect will almost certainly result in breakage within the first six to eight hours of sailing. If a mast breaks after an initial period of trouble free use, our research has shown it is typically due to mishandling or misadventure rather than material defect. This is not a warranty.

With carbon structures such as an X9 mast the quality of the construction can be established very early in the life of the product. Masts therefore tend to have a problem in the first few hours of use and fail, which would indicate a warranty, or they survive the first hours intact, as this mast has done. With 18 hours of use on the water, the mast was clearly delivered to the customer in the correct structural condition.

If a mast breaks subsequent to this, it is likely that the failure has been caused by misadventure or mishandling and not from there being a problem with the mast construction. This is the basis on which we judge X9 mast failures and is similar to that used in other industry's that sell carbon / glass structures.

Please feel free to contact me if there is anything unclear in the above.


David Mead
Production Manager
Neil Pryde Windsurfing
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