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Default Quick fix

Hey Matt, I'm jealous!!!! sunny and 18knots!!!!!!
overcast and 2 knots here.

No need to get so down. All you need to do is set your XT 2cm longer than you would normally, then downhaul as usual. By setting the Xt longer you will release much of the excess tension. This should make downhauling the Ram (a bloody good sail) as easy as any other sail. The problem is only with the cleat position on the extension, not the sail. To rig the rope effectively for this particular extension I ,,,,,,,,,,

1 Feed downhaul rope knotted at one end through the center hole, starting at the end with the aluminium washer. (the knot should now be stopped against the washer)

2 When i'm ready to start rigging, I look down and should see the knot which stops my rope sliding through the center of the extension looking up at me. The rest of the cord is falling out of the center of the grey roller at the other end, away from me.

Sail- 3 I take the cord and feed it through the CENTER pulley on the sail, from UNDER first back up towards me.

Ext- 4 Then I feed the cord DOWN through the the TOP roller (the one closest to the aluminium washer) MAST SIDE/or closest to the mast, then back up to the sail pulley.

Sail-5 Now I thread the cord through the LEFT side pulley on the sail starting from above or over then DOWN away from me. (not from under to over)

Ext- 6 Now I thread the cord DOWN through the SECOND or middle pulley on the XT starting on the backside of the pulley then feeding it up the MAST side of the pulley.

Sail-7 nearly there,,,,,,,, Now thread the cord through the sail pulley that is closest to the mast, starting from underneath first, coming out towards you,,,, then straight down into the cleat.

You are probably already doing it this way, but I thought maybe this might help someone somewhere.

Ok, on second thoughts, it would be a miracle if anyone can understand this complicated mess..

So here's a simple recap,

sail = 1st middle roller under to over.
2nd left roller over to under.
3rd right roller (closest to mast) under to over.

Ext = 1st down into mast side of top roller, then up far side.
2nd down into far side of second roller, then up mast side

Damn, explaining this online is much harder than i thought.

Anyway, no need to get frustrated, just,,,,,,,,,

relax and go fast!!!!!!!
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