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Default Hucker and mast

Hi Roger,
I'd like to buy the Sailworks Hucker 6.6 and was wondering if you could recommend me a mast and a boom for this sail.
I recently trashed my Retro 8.0 on lake Michigan. The conditions were cross-shore about 12 knots and increasing to maybe 18. I was ready to go home and close to the shore when a larger wave came, swept me off the board and rolled over the sail. The result is 3 broken battens and ripped sail between the bottom 2 battens about 5 inches from leach. Unfortunetly, the broken battens also punched a hole through the batten pocket I'm not sure if the sail is worth the repair anymore. I'll make some pictures and post them online so you could see the damage and give me your opinion.

I know I shouldn't have used the Retro there. It's a perfect sail for flatwater but I guess not so good when it gets a little rough. Would Hucker be more suitable and take the beating without damage? Should I get a wave mast, RDM mast or standard mast for the Hucker?
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