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Thumbs down First Maui Now Hatteras???

Why is happening with windsurfing???

Are we a despised minority now?

The best wavesailing spots on Hatteras Island are in danger of
being declared off limits to all human access. April 3rd is the date
that Judge Boyle will rule on the request asking the courts to close
cape point from ramp 44 all the way around the
south side to ramp 43 and all the inlet spits and to outlaw nighttime
driving all year round. All we can do now is wait and hope for the
best. http://www.islandfreepress.org has all the details if you want
more info. Nighttime is usually considered by the published sunup
sundown times. This means in the summer once the sun is below the
horizon even though it doesn't get dark for another hour or so, the
beach would be closed. If the judge rules in favor of the lawsuit it
would mean the end to sailing the Point, the Cove, Hatteras Inlet and
North End Ocracoke. Hard to believe its so close to being reality.
We would still have access to soundside sailing spots and wavesailing
areas such as Ego Beach, Isabels Inlet and the Salvo Wreck, but some
of the best wave action is found at the beaches that would be closed
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Seems to me that the issue is driving on the beach and not windsurfing. Of course, driving on the beach might be the means to reach sailable locations, but let's be frank about the real issue at hand.
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