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Try Starboard RACE straps (so big) and use "next hole" when screw to make it "wide" enough.


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I had the same problem some weeks ago using for the first time my futura 111 (with shoesize 46 in winterboots).

No problems with my isonic, but the Futura-straps are indeed somewhat smaller, but in some weeks I hope it's already summer-boots time instead of those 6mm thick winter-boots.
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Default Strap Manufacturing defect?

Well I have tried everything to make them big enough and have ended up having to buy a set of Ultralight straps from a friend. Reading the last post I am now wondering if there has been a faulty batch of straps made. The bottom line is is that these just aren't long enough.
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I may have to retract my earlier statement about the straps on my Isonic 111 being too small. I got out yesterday (8th time on the board) and the straps keep streatching. Front straps are almost too big now and the back straps are a bit snug, but ok.
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The Ultralight straps, when wet, seem to grip on to the latex of my Atan boots they may be OK with conventional neoprene boots. I have realised though that if you don't use the screw covers on the regular straps you can extend the straps as far as you want. It is only the screw covers attached to the neoprene sleeve that stop the straps from stretching and also cause them to retract when not in use. Wondering if I should have bought a JP Super Sport no hassle.
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I measured the distance between the screw holes in Starboard models a few years ago. There was a difference of a few mm between the widest and narrowest. With the narrowest spacing I could not get my foot into the strap, when it was set in the normal width. I have an extra wide foot and need a 45 boot. Using an extra hole to gain width allowed me to use the straps but at that stage they were too wide.
In a board that had a wider spacing between the screw holes I could use the straps in the normal setting. Others complained that the straps were too loose on that particular model. Obviously one size does not fit all.
Dakine Core Contour straps rise very close to the mounting screws and allow me to use a boot where I could not do so otherwise.
Many Starboard straps have a lot of bulk near the mounting screws. This results in difficulty in inserting wide feet.
There is an opportunity for some manufacturer to make a plastic fitting which would allow users to set the width to their own needs. The adjustment in straps is a height adjustment. A width adjustment would have to be at the point where the straps are mounted.
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