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Default Tight Spot

Picture me, an 18 year old guy who is around 150 pounds (68 kg) and 6 foot (183 cm). I sail a hypersonic 111 from 04, and a home made board made by a local sailor (around 80 L he thinks). I sail mostly lighter winds (using 7.6 mostly) but it sometimes kicks in to be 5.8 or below. I like the custom board he made, but it is de-laminating and is the older school shape (narrow and really thick).

I need some help.

Money is pretty tight, I am graduation high school this year, so money is going towards college. I am not aloud to spend the money earned working on windsurfing... (parents do not understand :-S) I need to find a board that is a solid board for 5.8-4.1, will be used mostly for B&J sailing, with the occasional onshore or cross onshore wave sesh. Probably looking for a 2004-2006 board, as that is the only board I even have a chance of affording.

I just started 2 seasons ago, and am in love with this amazing sport and the lifestyle that comes with it. I am now starting to get into pushing myself beyond my high wind home made board. I have been trying forwards, and want to get into freestyle.

Thanks everyone for the help.


PS -
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