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Originally Posted by LK View Post
2007 Formula Windsurfing World Championships Fortaleza, Brasil.
Final results
Division: MEN
Place Competitor Sail No Sponsors
1 Antoine Albeau FRA-192 Starboard, Neilpryde
2 Steve Allen AUS-0 Gaastra, Tabou
3 Gonzalo Costa Hoevel ARG-3 Neilpryde, F2
4 Arnon Dagan ISR-1 Fanatic, Neil Pryde
5 Paulo Dos Reis BRA-3333 Starboard, Severne !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So dont buy these crappy, shitty, slow, heavy and boring sails from North, Maui Sails and likes, if you want to be on top of the world.
6 Wojtek Brozozowski Starboard , Severne

One more !!!!!!!!!

But, remember me is usual place in other times....

And what in PWA slalom and in ISA speed surfing, FW is not the only way.
PWA Sails 2007 Ranking ( including W & FS )
1. North 34
2. NeilPryde 28
3. Gaastra 17
4. Naish 14
5. MauiSails 12
6. Simmer 9
7. Severne 1

ISWC Sail Manufacturers 2007 ranking

1. North
2. Loft Sails
3. Neil Pryde
4. Point Seven
5. Naish Sails

And now, tel me why the Starboard's 2 TOP racers
A² and K.P use other brands.

Severne makes good sails, but need a little bit more expérience in race to challenge
R.Stroj/B.Spanier/D.Kaseler/K.Hopf/M.Spindler and P.Munzingler for Point 7

I hope he could join them next year.

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