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Question Injured in action looking for options

Recently talked the wife into letting me get a new board after 10 yrs, Used to be reasonably adept. Did some research and found a 2008 Isonic 122 and NP 6.7 2007 rs slalom etc proberly ott for a 46 year old. First time on the water 20 Kts i realised how unfit you can be, very depressed. Dowloaded exersises and worked out. 2nd time out what a blast 15-20knts boy did i have fun until something went wrong. I was accelerating to max speed my front foot was in the strap but could not seem to get the back one in, the strap positions are in a totaly different place to the old 272 strapper I used to sail. Next thing a big gusts hit, I was not ready for it, I go forward and over the top connected to the harness with my front foot still the strap, Ping goes the hamstring absolute agony (special thanks to guys who rescued me). anyway getting better now and thinking changing the gear, anyone got any ideas on a more sedate board and sail. I live in brisbane so winds around 10 to 18 knts reg'


Andy C
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Futura !!!!
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Me too.
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Sad to hear, could probably happen with any board if you are unlucky. But I do agree that the iSonic 122 requires more from the rider when it comes to getting into the straps. Futura is then a better option as poster above me suggested. I have the iS 122 and it's a sweet board. But sailed the Futura 111 and 122 rentals for a month in the carribean, awsome boards too! The futura 122 with a well tuned 7,5 freerace sail is a nice balanced combo.

/ Andy
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The iSonics are race boards that take a bit more practice to figure out all the bugs. I agree that the back foot straps are tough to get into. Repetition will make it easier.

With the outboard position of the back straps, it's a small target to hit without stepping on the strap or sticking your foot in the water. I have a 111, not the 122.

I switch frequently between three boards, all with different strap positions so it's a challenge to hit the mark every time when I jump to another board.

On the iSonics, the acceleration is so qick that you can be moving pretty fast before you can get the back foot in the strap. I find it more difficult to hit the target while bouncing over the chop at speed.

I get Andy c's concern. And yes, the futura's are probably a better opition for him.
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