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I haven't sailed RRD's that you and Geo mention, but I can remember other dsb's (Thommen, Mistral). Yes you could say that a new slalom can give you the impression of a "dull" ride. But all that matters is acceleration, speed, gybes, imho. I believe there is no way that an old shape will beat the new one across a variety of conditions (gps,race, whatever), no matter the sensation.
I've had a good session yesterday on an iS94 (model 2007) with a 7.3 sail well powered, borrowed it from a mate. Boring? Well call it as you like, I would say "calm and composed and very fast through ugly chop". That chunky, boxy tail carried speed beautifully in gybes. I still think it's a better choice for you if you will use it fully powered with 6.2 and 7.2 (but no 8.0). Wrt to slogging it will be similar to your 100 lit RRD. I'm 88 kilos (+thick suit, fresh water) and slogged it no problem in <10 knots. Only at 0 knots/absolute standstill, you will maybe feel 4-5 litres more on your narrower RRD. But than you're screwed anyway ;-)
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I agree 100% with what you say, otherwise I would still be riding another RRD 281 or my RRD278. Instead, I used a Sonic95 in '06 and '07 and a CA SL58 now. But really, the RRD281 was a different thing. I'd say it's impossible to understand if not by riding one.
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Has anyone sailed the JP Slalom IV's and had any feedback?
Their line-up is smaller than that of Starboard. Starboard seems to cater for every eventuality. Sometimes too much on offer serves to confuse the customer so it is a little harder to find what suits you the most. Especially if you cannot test ride them which is my case. Very tempted between the IS 96 and 101. Still not made up my mind, but may be that decision lies with buying two boards rather than one. If IS 96 then I may get the 122 also to bridge to formula, if not then just 101.
The RRD is quite something
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