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Default Freerace (V8 etc) on formula. Good match?

I am getting myself a formula experience board for low wind days instead of finally upgrading my learning tool a better/smaller freeride. I am tired of rarely being able to plane even with V6 8.5m on our lake with freeride (RRD evolution 75cm, 50cm G10 fin from fanatic). Too little time, then I finally make it to the lake, I want to maximize chances of planning.

I tried FE the other day and 10m severne and really fallen in love with feeling of efficiency. Seems like once you get it going nothing can stop this board.

Now, the questions are
1) Would NP V8 10.6m (2007) be a good match for the formula board? And how many less knots I would be able to plane in compared to say V6 8.5m 2007, which I already have (I am 87kg, canít really pump effectively yet, but fine in straps/harness even on formula. Very gusty on a lake). Or do I need to really get something formula experience oriented (like severne overdrive say 11m or anything else)? I mean for strictly recreational use, no competition, I care less about pointing angle and last top knot of speed, but just want to plane around in the straps.

2) Does V8 10.6 really work fine with 42cm extension NP recommends? Sounds scary. Or would one be better off getting NP xtender to minimize chances of breaking the mast?

3) Is carbon boom REALLY beneficial? I see quite a lot of flex in my NP x6 already extended to 224cm for 8.5m, at 260 alu boom would probably feel like paper (again I am 87kg). OTH the carbon on the loaned 10m at 250 didnít seem to show any flex felt nice (but heavy). But it is hard for me to say how much I loose/gain by having more less flex. My boom max at 250, so most probably I would be needing a new boom anyway, thus it is a good time to think on pro/con. I know carbon is banned in FE. But that doesnít bother me, since the rig is strictly to maximize TOW.

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