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Originally Posted by fattyfattybonbon View Post
If I may, I believe that the idea would be unfeasible and rather too complicated for one's liking. Imagine that the ap flag has been dropped (warning signal for racing) and you head out towards the starting area. The wind picks up and you are still standing on your serenity board. With around 3 minutes until the first race begins, decisions race into your head.
Do I head back into shore to change into my formula one design board or do I stick with the serenity.
I believe this dilemma could be resolved simply by letting the Comittee decide (on the basis of the forecast and/or conditions) which board should be used for the Regatta (or half the day, or the entire day, whatever is more convenient).

This makes your dilemma above a non-issue: you stay on the Serenity, because for this Regatta (or entire day?) the Committee has decided that there is not enough wind to be expected for the Formula and the Serenity should be used.

You have nothing to worry about because everybody will be on the Serenity. If the Serenity handles moderate winds + 12.5m2 sail without major problems for me, then for an Olympian + 11m2 sail it should be a non-issue.

Originally Posted by fattyfattybonbon View Post
One board is more compatible and less of a hassle when racing.
Comments saying that it would still be the cheapest out of all the sailing classes to transport around is another way of saying that the cost does not matter, as long as it is under the threshold of other classes. It would still be expensive. Full stop.
I agree with you:
with 2 boards we are trading Transportability and Cost for Performance.

If the former are more important to the competitors, then the RSX is just fine, a High-Pefrormance Longboard (Phantom Race?) probably even better.

I just like performance and thus put it above all other criteria, which is why the 2-board solutions seems so appealing to me.
Originally Posted by fattyfattybonbon View Post
I hope that the rs:x stays on for 2012 and perhaps the olympics after that, as it represents the olympic spirit of fighting and fitness.
What is wrong with it?
If the Olympic WS sailors like it, then there is nothing wrong.

I just like performance as stated above and believe that racing would be more thrilling if you always had the highest-performance craft under your feet.

Just my 2 cents.
All the Best,
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