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Default Lessacher Duo 40 for F-Type 148 - Sail Sizes?


On this previous thread:

...you said...

"As far as weed fins, on the F-Type 148 I use a 40 cm Lessacher Duo, a Tangent Dynamics 42 and 46, or a True Ames Shallow Water Weed 44 and 52 cm."

I got the 44 cm and 51 cm True Ames Shallow Water Weed fins, 44 for 7.3/8.5, 51 for 9.5. They are working fine, but the part of the leading edge has a slight gap between the top of the board, even with the little foam pad in there. I am worried that will slow me down, the additional drag that creates. I noticed that the Lessacher Duo does not have any fin protruding in front of the base.

With regards to the 40 cm Lessacher Duo, what size sails do you use that with? And how would you compare that in early planing, top speed and pointing capability versus the T.A. SWW's? Wolfgang's website says the 40 cm is for 10.5+, which I find hard to believe (that it would be even enough for my 9.5). Does that Double Concave Asymmetrical design get more lift with less surface area? (For instance, the surface area of the TA SWW 51 cm is 782 cm, the 44 is 630, and the Lessacher Duo is 515.)



P.S. Loving the 148 versus the 158, thanks again for the detailed comparisons and recommendation...
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