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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
I guess with my busy life, I just find it easier to miss those not quite so perfect days as I am not thinking about LeeD windsurfing wind-ups all-day every-day.

Anyway see you all in 6 months.

Keep it up (for everyone except the SB tossas who discourage windsurfing).
we windsurf for the moments we have. The closest windsurfspot is 88 km away from where i live (maybe, if the stars allocate it, next year i'll be living only 9 k away from a sea spot), combined with university studies i dont get too much TOW eighter, but the days when the wind kicks ass and i get to pull out my gear in overpowered conditions and just scream across the water, head held high, fully focused on the wind, the chop and the board, thats when i know why i'm windsurfing. No bad forum can keep that away, if so, i'd just quit the forum, tell them why and go back to my boards, sails, masts and booms, where I belong.
Sure i have my laughs here, some of you guys are hilarious at times and as a not so advanced sailor it gives me the opportunity to share my experiences with newbies and to learn from the Guru's (all Hail Roger Jackson). I must admitt, from time to time the SB FreeForum moderator should remove a few threads, cuz eg trollbasher is a pain in the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus. And like those there are a few more.

Keep collecting your moments people, keep the FF alive, keep it light, keep it funny, keep it windsurfing across the net!
Haiko, AKA crazychemical
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