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Default Board choice for Intermediate


I have been windsurfing for a couple of years using rented equipment but due to relocation will no longer have access to the rental scheme I was a member of and I am now looking to purchase my own equipment.

I think I would call myself an intermediate, beginning to get comfortable in harness and foot straps on the plane and in reasonable control but still trying to get the hang of steering the board smoothly when on the plane.

I would think that my week day windsurfing would be on a inland lake (farnmoor, Oxford) but I also aim to start doing some trips to the coast.

I weigh about 70Kg and have been fairly comfortable on starboard carve 145, with sail sizes up to 10m.

I am considering various board options Go, Futura or maybe a secondhand carve, although I haven't seen many on the Internet.

My concerns are that the Go is quite heavy and may be limiting in the near future.

The futura looks good but maybe I will end up damaging it if i catapult, I seam to have gone past the point of regular catapults but can not be sure it won't happen again more often in the future. Would the Futura be reasonable in lighter inland winds.

If I could find a reasonable one should I just go with a carve for now and then upgrade in a years time.
I am also going to need to buy something like 3 sales with masts and booms to suite, can you recommend good places to buy used or maybe I would be better of getting someone to sell me a good package deal.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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