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Default stepping down from 80xtv - Ideas?

Hi (Ola?)

I love my 80 (23cm fin) in extracting max fun in local gusty 5.2-5.8 winds for dtl riding, but when its honking (4.5) it does feel a bit of handful as i found in 40mph on Sunday.

If i were to chop the 80 in for a smaller board - which would you go for - 75 or 70? I recall Boards commented they were almost the same?! I weigh about 82kg and love to ride DTL but with more enthusiasm than skill! I know you love the 70 but you are (a) a million times better than me (ive seen your pics), and (b) weigh much less than me. What d'ya think?

If it helps any i sail Ezzy sails 5.8, 5.2, 4.5 - but might even swap these out for Naish Sessions in the future.

I guess i could keep the 80 and then go 70, or i could swap the 80 for the 75/70 and then look at a 90-ish Evo as well (i currently have a 94 RRD FSW but considering swapping it for something more riding dedicated as i hardly ever want to use it)

Or maybe i should just wait till Aug 15th and a Evil Twin fin eh?!

>>>Your thoughts?

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