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Default Fins for Futura 101

After testing the futura 101 in comparison with my s-type 104, my GT-11 GPS told me the futura was the faster board for me. PR on the first run, did not even fine tune, unbelievable! But above all, I loved the ride and the ease the futura brought me the speed with. And I do think the futura planes earlier than my 104 does. I don't like the RS4 7.2 on my Isonic 125 (to small), and it was on the max of my 104 - but felt perfect on the 101.
Could make myself a good deal at my local dealer, so changed the 104 for the 101. Althought it hurted a little to see the 104 go I'm glad with the 101!

Yesterday I was out on the water with the 101 with RS4 7.2, great combo, used the Tectonics falcon f1 fin, 36 cm. Other sails I want to use are RS4 6.2 and RS4 5.4. Does anybody has some advice on fin size? Experiences? Would the RS4 5.4 be to small for the Futura 101, because of its width of 65 cm? I don't mind buying extra fins.

Fins I already own: Tectonics goldwing 38 (maybe to combine with the futura on 7.2, of try out with my RS4 7.8?)
Tectonics falcon f1 36
Drake slalom pro 36 and 32
Tectonics Goldwing 28
North shore slalom 28
Me: 1.89, 85-90 kg, flat to marginal choppy water conditions (up to 50 cms)

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