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Is that the SailQuick who raced with the "tossers" at a yacht club (GLYC) at Easter? Did you call them "tossers" to their face?

If they are "tossers" why do they achieve so much for their sport in terms of numbers of competitors, sailors and juniors?

Do you feel it's okay to use volunteers to run events you sail in, and then abuse them with a term like "tossers"?

If you are that Sail Quik, how did it feel to be beaten by ancient One Designs in a strong-wind race when you were using your fast gear?

If a board can beat your fast gear around the course in 20-30 knots, how can you say it's not "windsurfing"?

In fact, how can any logical person claim that light-wind sailing, which is the activity that was first called "windsurfing" and that created the sport of windsurfing, is not windsurfing?
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