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Originally Posted by crazychemical View Post
I have a question about sailing sails that are above the recommended sailrange.

Purely hypothetic: If you would sail a 10 mē on a GO139 with an adapted fin (i recon a 52 formula fin would do) what could go wrong? I don't see the problem with going 1mē above the recommended range on a board that falls into the volume category of 6-10mē. What limits board in sailrange?
I personnaly ride an hypersonic 111 with a NPryde V8 / 10.6mē and a 42 cm select finn well above by 2 to 3mē the maxi recomended. No problem: I am the fastest in light conditions (from 6-7 knots) ... but I am 62kg. I just get out of water when I see a formula! But I think I am too light for a formula and my legs (legs of an old skier with damaged knees) would not resiste a 70cm finn. It is just a question of feeling fine tuning and pleasure. Nothing is forbiden and every cleaver combination must be tested.
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