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Default First Shortboard

Great Forum... Needing some advice, I am 5'8 170lbs looking to sail in 15-25mph winds where there would be slight chop as wind builds (harbor conditions). I've been windsurfing about 6 months, over a 2 year span due to colder weather. I learned Longboard skills on a Windsurfer One Design, and 2 months ago moved to '95ish Hifly Maxx(325cm 168L) another longboard with daggerboard, largest and only sail is a Retro 7.5. The Equipment is not mine.
My ability is the following(most likely with terrible technique, make you experienced guys cringe): I can pivot jibe, sail backwinded, quick tack, tack from backwinded, light wind funboarding type stuff. I can use a harness(longboard in harness may be different) and get to the intermediate footstraps always, outer straps when the winds good. I havent jibed while planing, and cant waterstart regularly(only when the board falls into perfect setup, uphaul when setup not right). I tried an older narrow 115L F2 Sputnik the other day and had a miserable time on it, couple of good reaches, failed on my jibe attempts, dumped during tacks, waterstart issues. I had 0 balance on the board, I was under the impression that at my weight a 110L-120 L board would be good for 7.5 sail in 15-25mph.(eventually would like to sail in 5.0-8.0 range)
I have a Start board available to me, should I use that instead of the Maxx, to get better at planing and jibing, more shortboard feel? Can i get to the next level with my current gear? What would be a good board to help me progress if I were to make a purchase, after my experience with the F2 I guess the Carve 122 is out of question, should i get a GO 139 or bigger? or should i take lessons over the winter in aruba and buy next spring, or at least buy a book or DVD? or should I shut up, get off the internet, and practice more?
--sorry for the long post-- sorry if this is a re-post---
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