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Default Weight/volume

I am almost decided to buy a Rio, although I have been receiving some very good feed-back about RRD as well. The only thing I'd like to know is about the best volume , given my weight, my skills and my sailing preferences. Here is my information.

I weigh about 78 Kg ( 170 lbs) , I am almost a beginner, although I can stand on the board and do some light winds tacking and moving around. ( probably, I am at level 3 on 1-10 scale).

My idea of surfing is leisurely wandering around in light winds. Speed is not my primary target, but definitely I am looking forward to planing..

One of your dealers is offering me a good deal on a new 150 L Rio, which is one of last year's models. He says it is just perfect for me , but of course ,this is the only left-over and he wants to sell!

I am in doubt whether to go for for this or for a 175 L . For one thing, I like stability and I fear that a a 150 L would feel a bit too wabbly under my feet. If there isn't too much of an improvement in going down to a 150 L, I'd still stick with the 175 L, although the 150 would offer the advantage of a lower weight and shorter length, which would allow me to fiit it into the car!

Which one do you recommend, in terms of handling the board, given my weight, my level and my style of windsurfing ? Can I really go down to a 150 L without a noticeable difference in handling, as compared to the 175 ?

Thank you


Montreal, Canada
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