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1) The claim that the KONA ONE is the best selling board model in the world is likely to be true. It probably sells more than any single model from any other brand, like Starboard Rio M. In the Rio case sales are split between S, M and L models. But of course Starboard make much more boards, counting all models and sizes, than Exocet. I would not be surprised if there were more Futuras than KONA One boards made...

2) One part of my brain, maybe that closest to my heart, would really like to see Formula as the Olympic board. But it certainly makes it a boatspeed only game, with very little tactical finess.
Another part of my brain says that "what if there would be one Olympics without any wind"... The result would likely be that windsurfing got kicked out of the Olympics altogether. But regardless, in order for Formula to be realistic in the Olympics the schedule would have to be very different from the other classes. The fleet would have to be on constant standby for two weeks, ready to race as many races, at any hour of the day, that is possible to cram in when (if) it is windy. It is not just about picking another board type, the whole olympic (sailboat driven) sailing scheme would have to be altered. It is not impossible, if there is a will there is a way (but would it bring any better TV-coverage?).
Maybe at the end of the day the Raceboard 9.5 class would be likely to be the most successfull over a few olympiads.
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