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Red face Which board should I buy ? Carve or Futura ? And 122 or 133 litres ?

Hi - can anyone advise me ?

Background is this:

1) I'm 46, 75kgs and reasonably fit.
2) I used to sail a lot when I was young and did a small amount of course and slalom racing.
3) Over the last 15 years I have windsurfed v little due to children etc etc
4) Most of my gear is old. I have Tush and Pryde sails ranging from 3.3 up to 7.5. My boards are a Mistral One Design (3.80m long board), plus an F2 Sunset Slalom Race (approx 2.8 m long, and 105litres). With N Pryde booms, and 2 'old' Rotho masts.
5) I now intend to start windsurfing again ....at last I here you say !
6) A couple weeks ago I started buying some more modern sails.
7) Plus I'm looking to buy a new more floaty short board that I can use in a force 2- 4. With sails probably from 6m - 8.5m. So I would still use the long board for v low wind, and the sunset race in high wind. From reading articles and talking to windsurfing friends, I 've come down to either a Starboard Carve 133 or Futura 133, (or do I go lighter to say 122 ?) The other one that has popped up is a Starboard F-type 133. My key requirement is that I want a board that is user friendly/easy to use, and that I don't have to water start ! (albeit I can do this very easily). I am also a very competent gyber (once I've had a few runs to remind myself what I need to do ). Gone are the days when I wanted the fastest board, especially given I will still only be an occasionally windsurfer.

So what should I do ? Help would be appreciated......
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