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Default IMCO - Hybrid - Formula - LB/Kona/FOD

In the old forum I poured my heart out in reference to the advancement and evolution of Course racing. mostly in the Formula camp, years (maybe a decade) later I still have the same beliefs.

IMCO needed to go, it was a waste and exclusionary. If the gear didn't FIT (lanky 160lbs) or you were offended by regimented "air rowing" the class was a bust.

Hybrid as a compromise has proven "a grand compromise" and to a further level that compromise has pockets of good course racing around the world. Nice, they are comfortable powerful boards when the wind is up. And fun in close quarters with no wind with your friends. Pure longboards scream I'm railing, I'm railing but the difference between 4 knots and 8 knots is just not that great. It feels much better but I don't think that is valid enough at these low windspeeds. after all the slower you the more tactical, right?. We have all had good times at Applebee's, sometimes you even pickup, and eventually everybody picks up. The hybrids work for low wind racing, not comfortable, but then what is.

Formula has stayed steady, still wind dependent, the ability to match what you race to "you" has proven durable. burdensome costs have switched from masts/sails to boards to fins. Still expensive to get the latest, cheaper to get used, but all the gear is much closer matched than it was. History has shown beateter boards win the world, the body of knowledge of what is fast is more accessible. Not that it is one board/two sail baffer on a 90's Xantos accessible, but better than it was. Old gear, you tune well, wins ever time.

Kona, and good reman longboards gaining ground. On par with the old stuff.

Pretty impressed, Formula lives. And it's pretty easy to understand why.

Back to basics.....
Man is a land based thing; but we are smart enough to know that isn't all there is...

We love fish because they inhabit a realm we don't. We can attach prosthetic fins to ourselves and get part of what it is to be a fish
We love birds because they inhabit a realm we don't. We can attach a prosthetic wing to ourselves and get part of what it is to be a bird
We love the interface between water and air because it is a realm that we don't understand. We can attach a board between a fin and wing and pretend we understand air and water then tolerate a life living on land.

These loves are optimized in the Formula class. Shame on you Star-Board for presenting the Formula One Design. A fish's fins are not One Design, a bird's wings are not One Design the interface between them is ridiculous to be declared One Design. And above all else the people that have skills, style and personality are not One Design no mater how much the marketing department wants to make them that way. Go ahead, chase your foolish Olympic revenue, those "champions" who are so unidiminesional as to be painful media interests. Aspire to be a genuine purveyor of junk like NP.
No love from the fishes, no love from the birds, no love for any flag. Those flags are all the same color now anyway...beige bordering on grey. FOD, a lighter shade of pale. Congratulations on conceptualizing such a wonderful compromise. Grand mediocrity. Just what the world needs.
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