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Default Rig Economy

Hi Roger/Ellen,

I'm shortly about to get my first rig for my Carve 145 2005. To cope with all conditions i'm looking to end up with 3 sails initially to keep costs to a minimum. I've been looking to start with a Tushingham 6.5m T3 with a 460 75% freewave (would the 80% race be a little weak if I got caught in the shorebreak, or be fine?) and then go higher (8.0m T3) and lower (5.2m Rock?) as I save through next year. My question to you is that I want to get the biggest spread of sails for the minimum cost and therefore want to minimise on masts. So if I go initially for the 6.5m T3 on the 460 and then go for the 8.0m 4.95 luff T3 can I get away with the same mast with 35cm of extension, and if so what size extension do I require as I have heard there should definitley be a minimum amount left inside the mast (not sure how much). I can then buy only 1 more mast for a smaller sail (wave/high wind) when I'm good enough. Also could I get away with a 45% on a 400 mast (for the 5.2m ish) instead of 75%, as its much smaller with less moment forces than the 460(maybe the lighter mast shouldnt have so much effect on total feel if its shorter?). I am currently sailing mainly on a lake so the larger sails are required but definitely need the 6.5 or less for the sea when the wind gets up. So... I will soon have some rig money but unsure how to spend it, if you can help!

Best regards,

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