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Default what board in a 100liter range???


I am now looking for a third board to complete my colection. I can't get an 09 model because of the price...

Now I have a S-type 137, which is my board for a light wind, used with 7.0 or 8.5. It is not exactly easy to get plannig, but once it goes and the water is more or less smooth it is pretty fast.

The second and my favourite one is Aero 117. Which I use currently with sails 5.0 5.9 or 7.0. i like it because once you are back in straps and there is enough power in the sails the boards kicks you onto plane. The turns, jibes and controll over the chop is very good. Generally the feeling from riding is very nice for me.

Now what I am looking for is this:
A board in the 100liter range, which could be used for a high wind blasting in a very choppy conditioins (up to 1.5meters). Partialy to be used in waves as well. I was thinking like 20+ knots and sails 4.5 5.0 and 5.9. I am not so much for the modern tricks, maybe i will come to this later, like the max what I am dreaming of is an airjibe.

I am 90 - 95 kg, and I am not exactly expert but I usually get going...

What I thought about is this:

1. Kombat 97, 07
2. Kombat 107, 07
3. Kombat 89, 08
4. Kombat 96, 08
5. Kombat 105, 08

Could you please suggest what could be the best choice for me?

PS: I don't know how I can handle some submarine-like board, since I never was on such a small board, unfortunatelly I can not try it somewhere because there is nobody to borrow me such a thing...not in this time (cold and not so sure wind).

Thank you for your advices.
Ciao Michal.
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