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Default ET characteristics

I was lucky enough to have a go on a twin fin the other day which had 14 l more volume than my 07 Evo 70. It didn't feel it though when on a wave. All the commonly believed performance characteristics seemed to be be true- handles overpowered choppy conditions well, good off the top, loose to intiate turns, no significant loss of planing/upwind ability.I was impressed. Whats more when the wind dropped the extra volume got me home through some tricky wind shadows when my 70 would have been struggling.

I'd like to ask if the ET70 has a similar drive to the 07/09 Evo 70 whilst still maintaining the twin fin characteristics? Does the wide tail of the ET compared to other brands mean you can go lower volume for more float ,as you can with the Evo, or can you go higher volume for the same comfort level given that the twin fins appear to have a much better top end.

At 71 kg a ET70 and 80 would seem to be a good combo to cover most conditions
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