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Default Which board: Isonic or Futura


I am new to the forum and already need your advice, because I want to purchase a new board. My name is Cor and I live in the Netherlands. I am windsurfing for about 15 years and am looking to replace my current board with another board with the same low end.

At the moment I use a Bic Veloce 298 (298 long, 64 wide, 137 l, 9,8kg) in combination with a North Sails Matchrace 7,8 (freerace) and a North Sails Pyro 6,5 (freeride). The board I want to buy will be my board for low wind days. I can plane with my Bic and a 7,8 at 10 knots (average wind).

I use a smaller freerideboard, a F2 Wizzard 100l (262 long, 61 wide), for the windier days. On this board I use also the 6,5 and a North Sails Duke 5,8.

I am a recreational windsurfer who likes to ride fast and spend many hours on the water. The reason to replace my board is that I want a board that planes good trough lulls and rides upwind good. My weight is 72 kg and I am 172cm tall. The board will be used on a lake with sometimes choppy conditions in combination with a 7,8 and 6,5. When the wind is constant enough I prefer my 100l board for the 6,5.

The board I am looking for needs to have:
- the same (or lower) low end as my Bic
- a better upwind performance
- higher top and average speed
- good control in choppy and well powered up conditions
- a lively and sporty ride.

I am not sure what board to choose, but I tend to go for a Futura or Isonic.

So my questions are:
which board will be better for me? Isonic or Futura
Which volume?
Is is interesting for me to invest in a bigger sail (like a 8,5 or 9m)?

Some surfers I know tell me that an Isonic is a bad choice because my sails are no real racers but freeracers, so I would better choose a Futura. An Isonic should also be less comfortable, not very easy to sail and donít plane as easy as a Futura. Opinions on volume are also different, some surfers advise me to go for a 122, some tell me to go for a 111. The sail I will mainly use on the board is the 7,8. Eventually I can buy a good racefin for a better upwind performance.

I am looking forward to hearing your advice.


the Netherlands
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