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Originally Posted by Remi View Post
Hi Aco,
The 11,6 will be the best, plane earlier and more stable.
All the best
Thank you for all the information Remi.
My dealer has confirmed me that the Apollo 2008 is not available, but that there is an Apollo 2007 available.

I have now the following possibilities:
(1) get Apollo 2007 discounted - but probably isn't worth the effort if the 162 planes just as early?
(2) get 162 - but is a 1-year old model and maybe better wait for the 163...
(3) get FE 160 - is cca 50% cheaper than the 162 (!) and the wood version seems still plenty competitive

Remi, you being an expert of FE, I would be grateful of any comments regarding the above possibilities and the Questions below:
(Q1) How does it compare to the 160, 159 and 158 Wood (sometimes availabne 2nd hand for a comparable price)?
(Q2) How does it compare to the 162?

Thank you for any imput.
With Kind Regards,

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