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Default How to know when you are overpowered?


I have just started planing this summer. I want to know how mutch power you are supposed to have in rig to be planing at full power.

For example: The other day I was out sailing in 18 knots wind (gusts up to 21-22 knots) with 6,6 north crossride and my stock fin 52 cm. My board is a GO 155 and my weight is 220 lbs and I am 6 feet 3 inches tall. To be plaining, and commit my weight most of my weight into the harness, I couldt have both feet all the way out on the rail and into the footstraps. My backfoot had to be placed close to the center of the rockerline, and the front foot was in the footstrap.

Then I riged up my 7.5 Gaastra matrix, and stil had the stock fin. Then I could go all the way out in both footstraps, and commit all of my weight into the harness (waist harness). But I had to push hard across the top of the fin with my backfoot to get the board to stay slightly in upwind direction. If I eased of then my board started to head downwind, because of the great fin forces. Was I overpowered with the biggest sail, or is it supposed to be like this when you have full power in your rig?

I do have a smaller freeride fin from g-sport (44cm) but I didn't have the chance to try this, was to tired. Had been sailing for two and a half hour.
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