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Hi Floyd!
Originally Posted by Floyd View Post
Perhaps you should enter The Defi on your Formula kit !
Many sailors don't realize that Formulas (when in the right hands) are not slow at all in a breeze:
I am confident that an experienced sailor on a Formula would NOT come last at Le Defi.
And if the wind drops or shifts to create an unplanned upwind leg the story would become even more interesting...

On the other side, try to enter ANY Formula Regatta @ ANY windspeed with ANY other PLANING windsurfing kit:
we probably both agreee that you would be dead last, probably disqualified because out of the time limit.

To sum it up:
I believe that Formula is by far the most "adaptable" PLANING Windsurfer in terms of Sheer speed over a large range of conditions and points of sail.

You could of course say that it is physical/technical at it, but when it comes to have the highest AVERAGE speed (which is the one that wins) in variable conditions - well - I don't think anything comes close.

Of course just my opinion.
With Kind Regards,

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