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Default Fastest around the course... what Ken Winners been up to

Been looking at the high wind formula topic, and speculation on the fastest craft around a short course (rules out maxis of however many hulls). Reminded me of what Ken Winners being doing lately

so for our shootout we now have
Hydo Moth
Course Kite
A Cat

KA found the formula overtook the folier around 12-15 knots

Boards beat a top 18 upwind in 15 knots a few years ago, though it pulled some back downwind. Sailing with them I can easily understand that...boy they go deep. (Which figures as they still do well in the Brdige to Bridge downwind dash even if Micah holds the record). And if we restrict to singlehanders the skiff will surely be well beat.

A Cat class used to headline 'fastest singlehander' but don't seem to do that on their website anymore.... but that Glenn Ashby must be an amazing guy. Won the worlds using his own sails six times. And apparently went out W/S when the 25 knot day was called off whilst on the way to winning again with a day to spare. Respect.

That leaves the darkhorse as the .... kites. Actually the only type I haven't sailed in close company with. Now powerkites are fun on land but I've never fancied swimming after one and course racing around the top mark with rigs 25 mteres up sounds like carnage, and form what I've seen on you tube it looks like it too.

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