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Question which sail

Hey guys,

I have a delicate problem. I want to buy a camber sail in the range of 7sqm. And now, I have severne element 8.5 and S-Type 137. Aero 117 and severne NCX 7.0 (this i do not like on the S-Type..in fact i do not like it on Aero as well but it is still much better than on the s-type). And I now I am buying S-Type 115 (would like something for this toy)..i was thinking about Overdrive 7.0 or 7.5 or Element 7.5.

The NCX problem is that I miss the constant pull of a camber sail, and as it gets gusty it is also not so comfortable to ride.

So, which would be a good combination to my old stuff:

NCX 7.0 - Element 7.5 - Element 8.5
NCX 7.0 - OverDrive 7.5 - Element 8.5
NCX 7.0 - OverDrive 7.0 - Element 8.5

I want speed and high-wind stability, and it still would be nice to have the possibility of waterstarting (waterstarting the 8.5 is hell of a job) in choppy conditions. I will use it on a lakes (short period 1meter chop) and on the see as well (long period, up to 3meter see waves) . I am 95kg dry!

Thanks for help you guys.

PS: I do not want the code red, not that it is a bad sail but I want something more robust...
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