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Erik Loots
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Default Ian: Isonic questions


I have now an isonic 105 dram. Have over 2 weeks my money and maybe will buy isonic 87 and isonic 50. I am 19 and have only starboard experience and some old style slalomboards (thommen)
@my lake I am with my bro the only one with starboard isonic against a lot of falcons. I go just for speed @ the moment... and give 100% each run... But I have questions for final dissicion:

1)Sticky faster than lose????

I see a lot fanatic falcons flying at great speeds. Your board has to be lose for high speeds??? Or is it different fo isonics? I dont think so

I see the isonic 2006 from 105-135 as good allround boards. They have an awesome range. But!!! in the top end the isonic seems to lose the battle here in the Netherlands...
The sonic 85 is definitaly fast but not fastest around here... (@speed course)

That riding with low nose I know damaged a lot of chop But I always try to ride the board as high as possible on the water (fin)

@ not less ideal conditions: choppy/less wind the isonic is very fast compared to the rest

@pwa there was this year also not a hard blasting wind all the time...

2)The 2007 range looks not much different. The shape of the board is changed a bit, but I dont know the tollerance of production of starboard does it compare???

Dont get me wrong I like starboard verry much for 3 years now!

but I had an hypersonic with a finbox that was 3mm from the middle off the board. And the board was wider/shorter
My isonic has also sort off tollerances
I did on my hypersonic 37knots, so it is probaly not that important or even better over 1 side???
I feel difference between 2 the same boards! Yes I measure my boards, with certificated measurement tools
The boards are all good and the handle sort off the same...

The isonic wood boards are 1590,- euro = more expensive then carbon laminate custom boards 1500,- euro. Is wood that expensive?? Or does starboard has a lot costs for innovation quality? I know custom board builders dont give real guaranty... Just tell whats it about with wood... If you tell me wood is softer than carbon and react much better on impacts (chop) I think... I have now dram board it is not super stiff and believe me in chaos chop I do not want a super light stiff board.

Thank you,

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