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Default One board quiver?


first of all, me: ~75kg rider, waterstarting, harness, straps, but still not "really" gibing...

Today I have a Kombat 97 -07, sailed w 4.7/5.7/6.4, and I am very happy with this board, have been thinking of adding a K79 for higher winds. Only thing I am missing is that I wish I could use bigger sail, and get going with less wind...

For some reasons I sometime spend time away, and have no possibilites to bring a complete equipment, and therefore I am thinking of getting another board, so I only would have to bring the rigs with me...
Have been thinking about:
-JP Supersport 109/116
-Fanatic Hawk 108
-Kombat/Kode 107/105
-Futura 101

I have only tested the Kombat(97) so I need input from all of you guys, pros and cons... the board will be used in choppy -> small swell conditions.
The F101 seems interesting since it does have a big sailrange (thinking of adding a Hellcat 7.2 or 7.7 to the sails, which one would be best suited for the board (and me), and add up most nicely to an existing Excess 6.4?
I know the Kombat loves to jump, but how is the Futura compared to the Kombat in this area?
How much would it really differ in top end speed Kombat/Kode vs Futura?
I guess the JP is the "blasting only", and maybe the Hawk is more willing to jump and do some basic freestyle, how is the Futura compared to these boards?

I have also been looking at iSonic, but since i don't want to spend fortunes on new rigs, and this new board will more or less be use on occasional basis mainly during summer, and there might be less experienced people wanting to try it out, I guess a fast freeride-slalom/freeracer is the way to go (or you can try to convince me other way...). Because of this I also need some durability, and since my K97 doesn't have a single dent after two seasons, my confidence in SB is quite good...

Drawback of Futura is that I have a set of old PB fins from an older board which currently cannot be used...

So, please share your opinions...
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