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Indrek Aavisto
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Default Chinook boom outhaul line slipping.

I have a fairly new (on its second season) Chinook aluminium boom that has a plastic cleat for the outhaul. Recently the outhaul line has been slipping in the cleat, and I assume this is due to wear on the plastic teeth.

My previous boom had a metal cleat that showed no sign of wear when one of the boom arms after about four seasons. Moreover, the metal cleat was secured by a screw, permitting cleat replacement if necessary. I wonder why Chinook chose to go to plastic instead of metal for the cleat. Also the cleat is moulded into the boom end fitting, so it cannot be replaced. I have tried tying the tail end iof the outhaul line to the boom, but have yet to discover how to secure the knot properly.

Apart from buying a new tail piece, or a new boom., can anyone suggest how I might stop the outhaul line slipping?

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